£10k Phallus on Barlborough Village Green

So, it’s coming up to an election and our Labour Parish Council have spent £10k on the village green. A Wasty-phallus sign, that Gulliver might be able to see but that’s about it.

And Watsy, soon to be gone hypocrit, (hip-hip-hooray) anti-royalist but in receipt of royalist OBE honour…which in his case is an acronym for Oblivious-Backward-Exiguous…


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So Watsy’s Shipping Out Before They Start Drilling Under Our Homes…

Were you wondering why Waterproof Watsy wasn’t standing at the next election? Well, Bolsover is a government approved fracking site.

The government is trying to change the law so big energy companies can drill for gas under our homes – without asking us. [1] Bolsover is sat on top of a seam of gas – and it’s already been earmarked for drilling. [2] So unless these plans are stopped, gas could be sucked from under your home very soon.

But together, we could do just that. Because to change the law the government needs MPs to vote for it in parliament. And the vote’s in just a few weeks. [3] Let’s make it clear that backing dirty energy companies over constituents would be a toxic move.

A huge people-powered petition against the plans – which we can hand in to our MPs – will make sure all MPs know the way they should vote. Will you stand up for your home – and everyone else’s? Click here to sign the petition:


The plans – simple changes to existing trespass law – could mean your home surrounded by noisy machines, and your local park turned into a gas field. All without your permission. The process – known as fracking – could also poison our water and produce toxic waste. And it’s known to cause earthquakes. [4]

All over the country, people and local councils have been refusing planning permission to dirty energy companies for fracking. [5] But this change in the law takes away our power to say no to it happening under our homes.

When we work together, we’re stronger. And we’re not alone. Greenpeace supporters, Friends of the Earth members and thousands of grassroots campaigners are all standing hand-in-hand to stop these plans, for each other’s homes. [6] It’s a truly people-powered effort. Will you join us?


Thanks for being involved,

Amy, Nat, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Guardian: Government confirms plan to let fracking companies drill under homes:


[2] Data taken from Friends of the Earth website: UK Fracking map:


[3] Parliament website: Infrastructure Bill 2014-2015:


[4] BBC News: Fracking tests near Blackpool ‘likely cause’ of tremors:


[5] Campaigns By You: WCBC, reject applications to explore and extract shale gas and coal bed methane:


The Guardian: Fracking firm lodging appeal after council rejects its planning application:


BBC News: Tamboran: Licence for fracking plans terminated:


[6] Greenpeace UK: Fracking:


Friends of the Earth: Fracking:


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Anne Westerns Continued Failings Delays Bin Collections!

Posted on Bolsover web Site 2nd January 2015

Resultant from recent weather conditions (snowfall) some residents’ waste collection service may have been disrupted and bins not emptied, in particular, burgundy bins.

With regard to missed bin collections:

Black Bin Collections

Residents should contain as much waste in their black bin as possible until the next scheduled collection. This should be achievable given the Council has programmed extra collections either side of the Christmas and New Year holidays.


Burgundy Bin Collections

Residents should contain as much waste in their burgundy bin as possible until the next scheduled collection. Where this isn’t possible, side waste may be presented adjacent to burgundy bins at the next scheduled collection. Please place this in clear plastic bags if possible but an ordinary bag can be used as long as it is clearly marked “recycled waste”.

Excess waste can also be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres at Stonegravels, Chesterfield or Buttermilk Lane, Duckmanton. These are open as usual from 8.30am to 6pm every day.

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Will Wastsy Be Refusing OBE?

So Eion Watts is getting an OBE from the Queen. Given he is a self professed anti-royalist. Never stands for the Royal Anthem. Is proud of the fact he doesn’t even know the words, we are sure he will turn it down.

Surely, he couldn’t be such a hypocrite as to accept it. Could he? Oh, but wait a minute, haven’t we said all along that’s just what he is? Speaking with forked tongue. Saying one thing and doing another? He’ll get the badge and a signed letter from Queen and his offspring can get married in the chapel of Westminster…but wait a minute, his offspring have already been married, so maybe not…

Perhaps he needed help writing the refusal letter? Oh, and then there was the name change to make him a bit more interesting isn’t it Eion..?

This is a bit of a test for you Eion.. or is it .. Ian

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Anne Western Celebrates Her Continued Failure To Deliver

Leader’s New Year message

31 December 2014

Looking back over the past 12 months there has been much to celebrate in Derbyshire.

Markham Vale, our flagship regeneration site, continues to grow from strength to strength with more jobs being created and more businesses choosing Markham as their home.

Our Digital Derbyshire project to bring fibre broadband access to more than 95 percent of the county’s homes and businesses is continuing at a pace. There were also further benefits for local businesses through our project to build six new housing and residential developments for older people across the county. All partners have been encouraged to use local contractors resulting in a £15 million trade boost for local firms to date.

Derbyshire was thrown into the international spotlight when the Tour de France swept over the border and vintage cycling event L’Eroica provided a welcome boost to tourism. And there were further milestones for our visitor economy − we agreed a vision and 10 year strategy to put the Elvaston Castle estate on a sustainable footing for the future and we worked with High Peak Borough Council to get extra cash from the Heritage Lottery with a view to converting Buxton Crescent into a five star spa and hotel.

We secured funding for a new library in Heanor which is currently being built and scheduled to open in March 2015. And we agreed to invest £23m to replace street lights across the county with LED fittings to save cash in the long term on energy costs and maintenance. We also agreed to spend an extra £23m over next three years to bring hundreds of miles of the county’s roads up to scratch.

Derbyshire’s services for children and young people were rated “good” by Ofsted and there was more good news as the number of Derbyshire young people not in education, employment or training fell by 5.7 percent.

We also helped more young people into employment by offering dozens more young people an apprenticeship with us. We also decided to do the right thing by our lowest paid employees. We introduced the living wage to boost their pay packets to an acceptable level and we’re encouraging other Derbyshire employers to do the same.

It’s a sad fact that more people in Derbyshire are having to turn to food banks for help. That’s why we’ve been supporting Derbyshire’s network of 22 food banks with funding, setting up donation points at 40 of our buildings and supporting appeals for people to volunteer and donate.

Unfortunately, there were other things we wished we didn’t have to do too as we began the mammoth task of cutting £157m from our budget by 2018. I’m sorry to say there will be more of the same again this year as we continue to look for ways to meet the funding shortfall due to Government cuts and other pressures.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. We’re currently working on exciting plans to create a combined authority which will give Derby and Derbyshire a stronger voice to bring hundreds of millions of pounds to the county for the benefit of residents.

All ten councils in Derbyshire are coming together to fight Derbyshire’s corner and the people who know the area best will make sure resources are targeted where they are needed most.

Derbyshire has lost out on money in the past because it does not have a combined authority, but I’m confident that by taking control of our future better times lie ahead with promise of greater devolution. That means decisions affecting Derbyshire will be made in Derbyshire, rather than in Whitehall where they know little about what’s needed here.

Looking ahead to May, we all have a role to play at the ballot box in deciding the way in which our country is run in the future − whatever our political beliefs. It was heartening to see such a high turnout in the Scottish referendum this year and I hope local people will use their democratic right in 2015 and make their vote count in the General Election.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish all your readers a happy new year and all the best for 2015.


Councillor Anne Western
Leader, Derbyshire County Council

No mention of her sending gritting lorries out with flashing lights on but not spreading grit – Incompetence time to go Western lets hope the voters remember your continued failings


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Free Grit – Barlborough Parish Council

The black grit bins around the village belong to Barlborough Parish Council and can be refilled by contacting the following numbers:

Barlborough Parish Council – Kim Moran 01246 819776

Eion Watts – Barlborough Parish Councillor 01246 819683

Anne Western – Barlborough Parish Councillor 01246 811428 or 07801 215599

Hilary Gilmour – Barlborough Parish Council 01246 812840

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Waste of Time Western

Anne Western was wetting herself with excitement last winter. All that new snow clearing equipment. Grit mountains ready to be road-spread. When the snow fell on Friday, her Derbyshire County Council website reported no problems on the roads. Hmmm…

Here we are again. A few inches of snow and Barlborough has ground to a halt. Hundreds and hundreds of people stranded because Slayley View Road hasn’t been gritted at all. Two inches of thick ice from top to bottom.

Oh! and didn’t she slag off the Conservatives for doing such a rubbish job a few years ago? Well, lets face it. At least they had a snow plough through the village. And we had some grit spreading.

What has she managed to do? Absolutely nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing…

Out of touch. Out of time.

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Eion Watts our new Lib Dem Candidate?

Coun Eion Watts, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and LEP chairman James Newman sign �300m Growth Deal.

Nick Clegg signs £300m Growth Deal for Sheffield City Region…………..



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The Meeting Barlborough Parish Council Do Not Want Residents Attending

Did you know that as a resident of Barlborough you can inspect the Parish Accounts, invoices and expense payments?

How much more than £60,000 did the Parish Council pay in Compensation?

Why didn’t the insurance company pay out?

How much was the Parish Council legal costs?

How much have our Parish Councillors claimed in expenses?

Why are the Parish Council minutes not available to the public?

Residents of Barlborough have until the  13th June 2014 to inspect the Barlborough Parish Accounts

To arrange an appointment to view them call Kim Moran – Clerk 01246 819776 or email clerk@barlboroughpc.co.uk asking her for an appointment which is convenient to YOU……………Remember the Parish Councillors work for you!

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Watsy Bad For The Environment

Protesters’ human barrier stops council tree cutters Published in the Derbyshire Times 6 March 2014

Protesters formed a human barrier on a wood shredder in an attempt to stop council workmen cutting the tops off a line of trees.

The trees on Slayley View Road, Barlborough, had been earmarked for a reduction by Bolsover District Council but residents were determined to preserve the leylandii trees amidst claims they provide vital privacy between nearby properties.

Campaigner Bridget Ingle, of Slayley View Road, said: “The lie of the land falls away with higher properties on one side of the road looking down through the windows of properties on the other lower side but the height of the trees provides privacy. Without the trees pedestrians can also see into people’s homes from the pavement.

“There has been no consultation about this and as soon as we saw workmen starting to chop the tops off the trees we positioned ourselves on the wood chipper to save the trees.”

Workmen had begun cutting about 5ft off the top of the line of trees from a point that was about eight foot off the ground when the protestors stepped in.

Ms Ingle also told how council leader Eion Watts had visited the site during the protest on Wednesday morning, March 5, in an effort to get the protesters to move so work could continue. But the protesters continued to prevent the tree cutting and a council officer was called out to discuss the situation with the residents.

The officer explained the council has a responsibility to maintain the grass and the hedge and it needs to keep the trees cut to a certain height so workmen can continue to safely maintain them without putting themselves at risk.

A Boslover District Council spokesman said: “The council received a request to prune an overgrown high hedge established within the boundary of council maintained land.

“The hedge is approximately 20 feet high and substantially higher than neighbouring fence boundaries. “Due to the proximity of neighbouring boundaries and property, the council considered this to present a risk. “It was also felt to be reducing amenity value of the local area due to its unkempt appearance.

“The high hedge line is therefore being reduced to a manageable height of 8 feet, to just above neighbouring property boundary fences; further to which, this will be included within the council’s annual hedge maintenance program to establish a more formal hedge and dense maintained feature more in keeping with the local urban amenity value.

“The council, prior to recommencing works, will be writing to neighbouring properties which directly bound the hedge line to explain its position and reason for pruning and planned maintenance.”

Watsy clearly isn’t satisfied with having hundreds of trees removed from the country park…

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