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Hooray – Footpath 38 Repaired Today!

Received in the Inbox: Wed 20/05/2009 13:22 ‘Dear Barlborough Life, Surprise, Surprise, Is there an election soon? Derbyshire County Council are replacing the footpath today after many years of trying to get it repaired. Thanks to Barlborough Life for highlighting … Continue reading

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Local Labour Party Campaign In Meltdown

Local Labour Party activists have been busily ringing around Barlborough residents today asking them who they are going to vote for in the forthcoming elections. The Lib Dems seem to be the most popular at the moment. Unfortunately for the … Continue reading

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Candidates Names Released For The June 4th Election

Cllr Western won’t be getting elected unopposed this time!

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Avoid Voter Intimidation On June 4th, Register For A Postal Vote

To register for a postal vote for the 4th June elections email: or call 01246 242424 and a registration form will be¬†mailed out. Once registered, the postal vote is then sent out about a week before the election. It … Continue reading

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A Few Questions For Our County Councillor…

In the run up to the County Council and European Elections on June 4th the Labour Party has been out delivering the latest ‘County Labour News – Clowne Edition April 2009.’ On the reverse of the leaflet is a long … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast Our County Councillor’s Achievements

Introduction from the Clowne Edition of the County Labour News delivered a few weeks ago in Clowne: ‘2008 was a busy year for Derbyshire County Council in Clowne. We saw the opening of the new Children’s Centre, a new pavement … Continue reading

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Who Is Our County Councillor? Confused Of Clowne

Received in the Inbox 01/03/09 15.43 ‘Hello there, I been reading this blog for a while now, and although I live in Clowne I hope you don’t mind me emailing in! We have had a leaflet delivered about what has … Continue reading

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Self Publicity, Self Promotion, Paid For By The Taxpayer

Received in the Inbox – Sun 15/02/2009 18:22 ‘Dear Barlborough Life, I was so astounded I just had to send you this montage I have put together of Cllr Alan Charles, Derbyshire County Council member for Eduction. Cllr Charles was … Continue reading

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Barlborough Parish Council Election Announced Today

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Dennis – ‘…Put Public Ownership Of The Utilities Back On The Agenda…’

Our MP Dennis Skinner has been busy this week in the House of Commons, he has taken part in two debates. The prediction of a ‘sweeping victory’ at the next election might be an overstatement. Click on the link below … Continue reading

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