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Barlborough In Gloom

The most important day of the year, when Grandparents, Aunty and Uncles visit Barlborough to join the celebration of the Barlborough Village Fair and what do the Parish Council do to help with the fun, yes they leave rubbish littered … Continue reading

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Welcome To Barlborough Sign Vandalised

The Welcome to Barlborough sign on Oxcroft Way was vandalised last night. The flower display was pulled off and scattered all over the verge.

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Colourful Entrance Planters

Recevied in the Inbox Wed 15/07/2009 23:27 ‘Dear B’bro Life, the stone entrance planters look fantastic. It really is such a shame about the one just off Renishaw Hill being knocked down last week. Does anyone know if they have … Continue reading

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Say It With Flowers…

The chosen colour scheme for Barlborough’s floral displays this year was red. One bemused resident asked another why all the flowers were the same colour (with a hint of white in some cases). Labour Party colours replied the other…The politics … Continue reading

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Say It With Flowers, Cash and Clowns…

The word on the street aisle in Tesco (Clowne) is that Cllr Jim Smith is hoping to get the Labour Party nomination for the Derbyshire County Council Clowne and Barlborough seat for the forthcoming 2009 elections. Cllr Smith currently serving on … Continue reading

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Show Stopping Display for the 2008 Well Dressing and Flower Festival

The theme for the 2008 Well Dressing and flower festival was ‘Musicals.’ The main well dressing featured Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Eleven other floral displays in church included the Lion King, My Fair Lady, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang … Continue reading

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Creating the Wrong Impression…

The Barlborough Flower Festival and Well Dressing event always attracts alot of visitors to Barlborough. They also wander around our lovely village and look at the other gardens. It is a great shame therefore that the Memorial Garden was left in … Continue reading

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…Take Them Down Before the Flower Festival and Well Dressing This Weekend…

Stop filling our lovely village with tacky signs…

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Minature Baskets – All the Rage!

On the the 10th June the Labour controlled Parish Council bought 18 hanging baskets for the basket trees on Townswell Green. By the 17th of July (the day before East Midlands in Bloom judging), all the flowers in the baskets were dead … Continue reading

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“Hanging Baskets and Planters – All You Need To Know”

Derbyshire County Council Advice Leaflet “We all love to see a village in bloom. But when it comes to floral displays it does pay to follow a few guidelines before putting up baskets and placing planters. Ultimately parish councils would … Continue reading

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