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DIY Flyposting Removal Service By B’bro Residents

Received in the Inbox Tue 30/06/2009 21:22  ‘Dear Barlborough Life Do you have any idea why Bolsover District Council do not remove Fly Posting around Barlborough when DEFR suggest Local Authorities should work in partnership with property owners and remove … Continue reading

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The Clock Is Ticking…

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Eion Watts On Fly Posting Removal Duties On Polling Day

Dear Barlborough Life, I’m forwarding a copy of an email I sent to Wes Lumley, Chief Executive of Bolsover District Council, regarding the copious amounts of fly-posting around our village. Given that the Barlborough Life readership is in the thousands, … Continue reading

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Fly Posting – Wasting Time, Effort and Money When It Should Just Be Removed…

Bolsover could take a leaf out of Sheffield City Council’s book and remove fly posting on regular street cleaning visits. In contrast to Sheffield (and other authorities), Bolsover waste time, effort and money trying to track down the owners of … Continue reading

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