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Hooray – Footpath 38 Repaired Today!

Received in the Inbox: Wed 20/05/2009 13:22 ‘Dear Barlborough Life, Surprise, Surprise, Is there an election soon? Derbyshire County Council are replacing the footpath today after many years of trying to get it repaired. Thanks to Barlborough Life for highlighting … Continue reading

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Footpath Number 38 Still Not Repaired

This is a picture of footpath number 38. It leads from Slayley Green to the traffic lights on Hancock’s Hill. A well used walking route and one of the main routes to school for children. This footpath was dug up … Continue reading

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Lights Are On For Reading Between The Lines…

Second letter in 3.5 years from our County Councillor … ‘With the County Council elections dark nights drawing closer in, I am pleased to bring some good news about street lighting. I have obtained nearly £40,000 of your money worth … Continue reading

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Dicing With Dangerous Footpath Number 38

Many residents will be familiar with this stretch of footpath number 38, the one that leads from Slayley Green up towards the pelican crossing on Hancock’s Hill. It’s got worse – there is now a two inch gap coupled with … Continue reading

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