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Councillors And Their Cars…

District Councillor Cllr Karl Reid (Clowne) cut a very ungainly figure this morning getting out of his  silver Porsche in the District Council car park. When people of a certain age have to nearly resort to getting out of their … Continue reading

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Clowne Is So Overgrown

Worksop Guardian Letters page 6 Friday 21st August ‘Clowne is so overgrown Many people appear to be complaining that not many hedges and verges are being trimmed – not only in Notts, but in the District of Bolsover, where it … Continue reading

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Tesco Tittle Tattle

Just arrived in the Inbox: 19.02 02/02/09 ‘Just seen Karl Reid, Chair of Clowne Parish Council loitering in Tesco’s doorway (again). He was talking very loudly on his mobile plotting, and discussing Barlborough Parish Councillors and their meeting tonight. What’s … Continue reading

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‘Stay Out of Clowne…’ Cllr Jim Smith

On the 4th December (polling day), Karl Reid, the Labour Chairman of Clowne Parish Council was in Barlborough ‘Little’ School (the polling station) at 7.20am. He was instructing candidates standing for election that they were not allowed to wear their … Continue reading

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