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Anonymous Mystery Letter Revealed…

The Inbox has been full to busting with people asking about the anonymous letter circulated to all the businesses on the Barlborough Links in relation to the secure hospital application. So if you click here you can have a look for yourself!

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Secure Hospital – A Conspiracy Theory

Nearly one year on from the application for the secure psychiatric hospital being withdrawn, questions are still being asked as to why the uber confident Cygnet Healthcare withdrew their application. The economic downturn was the reason given, but the anonymous … Continue reading

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‘Can You Clarify Exactly Which Side Of The Fence You Are On!’

Emailed in from a resident, received Mon, 27 Oct 2008 00:32:43 -0000 ‘Re: The Unprecedented Economic Turmoil Last Week– Can you clarify exactly which side of the fence you are on! (a reply would be appreciated (unless of course you … Continue reading

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‘The Unprecedented Economic Turmoil Last Week…’

The letter from Chris Plederleith, (Managing Director of Leith Planning Consultants) to the Planning Inspectorate is on Bolsover’s Planning Portal if you want to read it in full. Chris Plenderleith writes ‘…Further to the unprecedented economic turmoil last week Cygnet’s Board met on the … Continue reading

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Cllr Gilmour Is Jumping The Gun Somewhat

On the 17th October, Bolsover District Council issued a press release  regarding the withdrawal of the Secure Hospital application – welcome news for everyone. In that article Cllr Gilmour is quoted and referred to as a Barlborough Parish Councillor – … Continue reading

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STOP PRESS: Secure Unit Appeal Withdrawn – Thank Goodness For The Recession!

The Secure Unit Planning Application Appeal is WITHDRAWN and the Inquiry is OFF. Cygnet have reviewed their portfolio of projects and have pulled out of this one. Champagne all round!!! More news as we get it.

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Email From ‘A Bl**dy Annoyed Barlborough Resident’

Just arrived in the inbox at 23.30: ‘Dear Sir – I have just received this leaflet through my door. Obviously, it’s appreciated that people are taking the time to go out leafleting on a Friday night when I’m sure they … Continue reading

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Leader Of The Gang Puts Out Another Leaflet

The Labour Party’s self promotion public information campaign continues. Note to the authors – you need to update the imprint footer to include Cllr Gilmour (and spell Hilary correctly – one ‘l’ not two ‘l’s’ )i.e. ‘Printed and published by Eion … Continue reading

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