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Barlborough’s Litigious Lamp Posts

New lamp posts were installed on New Road nearly two weeks ago – presumably because the old rusty ones sporting the hanging baskets were unsafe. Why then, are the old lamp posts still in situ (albeit with the new lamp … Continue reading

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Simply The Best…

Bolsover District Council has received the Investors in People Award, which is excellent news. In a recent press release Councillor Eion Watts praised BDC employees for their hard work. Some have likened Cllr Watts demotivational style to that of David … Continue reading

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Park View Fundraiser

Park View residents raised £670  with their summer fayre. Held at Park View community centre in Barlborough, the event included a barbeque, cream teas, craft stalls, tombola and home made cakes and produce.  ‘It was a fabulous day,’ said Vera … Continue reading

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‘Donnygate’ Whistleblower Helping Barlborough

Ken Burley is the Planning Consultant who was engaged by the Parish Council in 2007 to make representations on the proposals to site the secure psychiatric hospital in Barlborough. He has recently been re-engaged again to represent the Parish Council … Continue reading

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We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday…

While our elected representatives are still on holiday and not due back in the House of Commons until the 6th October, we are re-launching (on Barlborough Life) the 1986 ‘Chicken Song’ by Spitting Image as this summer’s catchy tune. Beware if you … Continue reading

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No Pool and No Jimmy Choo’s

Bolsover Allotment Association are up in arms because they are still under notice to quit the land on Oxcroft Lane even through they claim the Bolsover Baths project is off. According to Mr David Kee (Old Bolsover Town Council Clerk) the sale … Continue reading

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The Grass Is Always Greener…

Bolsover District Council have announced that work has started on a new £5m state-of-the-art council depot at Doe Lea. It will have a ‘grass roof’ so it will blend in with the existing countryside when viewed from the road. How … Continue reading

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How To Find Out How Dennis Is Representing You… is an excellent non-partisan website run by a charity which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their elected and unelected representatives in Parliament and other assemblies. ‘For all its faults and foibles, our democracy is … Continue reading

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Latest ‘In Touch’ Out Now

Bolsover District Council’s publication ‘In Touch’ is out now. You can view it by clicking here. Due to a spate of attacks on curtain sided heavy goods vehicles (particularly in Barlborough) a number of multi-lingual signs are being erected chiefly around M1 … Continue reading

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Leader Of The Gang Puts Out Another Leaflet

The Labour Party’s self promotion public information campaign continues. Note to the authors – you need to update the imprint footer to include Cllr Gilmour (and spell Hilary correctly – one ‘l’ not two ‘l’s’ )i.e. ‘Printed and published by Eion … Continue reading

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