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Heritage Project Room Opens At Barlborough Again

Worksop Guardian Published Date: 20 February 2009 By Staff Copy ‘Barlborough Resource Centre will see a new addition to its Heritage Project facilities, with the opening of a new multi-purpose room next month. The room is to be used as … Continue reading

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Take The Plunge With Free Swimming At Creswell Baths

From the 1st April 2009, anyone under 16 years of age or over 60 years of age can apply for free swimming at Creswell Leisure Centre. Click on the links below to download the application forms. ‘Free Swimming – Creswell … Continue reading

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Barlborough’s Fishermen’s Wives

For all those intrigued about what happened at the Parish Council meeting on Monday night (too many emails to respond to individually), have a look at the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ exerpt from the Life of Brian. This looks positively … Continue reading

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Crime Cracker Event – Thursday 26th February

[RINGMASTER COMMUNITY MESSAGING – Chesterfield – C108/09   Crime Cracking Event    24/02/09] A Crime Cracking Event to be held at Barlborough Links Golf Club on Thursday 26th February 2009 commencing at 7 pm. Residents are invited to come along to meet … Continue reading

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Parish Council And Police Escorts

Received in the Inbox 14.23 24 Feb ‘Hi, does anyone know what happened at the parish council meeting last night? I’ve heard today that two members of the public had to be escorted from the meeting by the police for … Continue reading

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Trouble With Apostrophes, Adding Up And Working Out What Month It Is!

Received in the Inbox Sun 22 Feb 13.02 ‘Hi, I signed the petition for the Steetley development last week. I also thought the response prepared by Barlborough First was thorough and well written. I would personally like to thank Barlborough … Continue reading

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Self Publicity, Self Promotion, Paid For By The Taxpayer

Received in the Inbox – Sun 15/02/2009 18:22 ‘Dear Barlborough Life, I was so astounded I just had to send you this montage I have put together of Cllr Alan Charles, Derbyshire County Council member for Eduction. Cllr Charles was … Continue reading

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Fantastic Response To Steetley Petition

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far – it has been an absolutely fantastic response. Keep your signatures and comments coming!

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Crime Prevention Message From The Police

‘[RINGMASTER COMMUNITY MESSAGING – Chesterfield – C100/09   CRIME PREVENTION    19/02/09] Burglary is a crime of opportunity – don’t give burglars a chance. Follow our advice to make your home safer. If you want to be certain your house is as … Continue reading

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Bolsover Now Charging For Bulky Waste Collection

‘Talking Rubbish or Clean Living A 35% increase in the amount of bulky waste collected over the past four years has prompted Bolsover District Council to undertake a review of its Bulky Waste Collection Service. The Council is one of … Continue reading

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