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08:05am Bad Accident Outside McDonald’s

Just seen a bad accident outside McDonalds, police, ambulances etc. and it’s causing traffic problems.

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Second Annual Brass On The Grass Is Music To Your Ears…

Published in the Worksop Guardian Friday 17th July 2009 pg 19 ‘Second annual Brass On The Grass is music to your ears… Brass on the grass is fast becoming a key event in the summer calendar for Barlborough residents. After … Continue reading

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Welcome Sign Culprit Tracked Down By Police

The police have tracked down the person responsible for reducing the welcome sign on Sheffield Road to rubble. It was actually a car that caused all the damage and not a lorry. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it … Continue reading

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Message From The Police

[RINGMASTER COMMUNITY MESSAGING – Chesterfield – C502/09 PRIORITY PROFILES 06/07/09] REMINDER. On Monday the 20th July 09 at 7pm Derbyshire Constabulary will be holding the 3rd Community Panel Meeting at the “Little School”, High Street, Barlborough. This is an opportunity … Continue reading

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Laing Site Set To Create Hell On A619 And A57

Worksop Guardian Letters Friday 17th July 2009 pg 8 ‘Laing site set to create hell on A619 and A57 Anyone who has queued on Mansfield Road as they attempt the daily grind of negotiating the Millhouse roundabout, or been exasperated by … Continue reading

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School Fair Visitors Dig Deep Into Their Purses

Published in the Derbyshire Times Thursday 16 July 2009 ‘School Fair Visitors Dig Deep Into Their Purses Generous revellers who enjoyed a summer fair helped raise more than £3,000 towards plans for a school’s outdoor classroom and garden.  Barlborough Primary School hosted a … Continue reading

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Village Fun Run Draws In Dozens Of Athletes

Published in the Derbyshire Times 16 July 2009 pg 15 ‘Village Fun Run Draws In Dozens Of Athletes Sports buffs proved they were game for a laugh when nearly 200 people took part in Barlborough’s annual Fun Run. The event … Continue reading

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Colourful Entrance Planters

Recevied in the Inbox Wed 15/07/2009 23:27 ‘Dear B’bro Life, the stone entrance planters look fantastic. It really is such a shame about the one just off Renishaw Hill being knocked down last week. Does anyone know if they have … Continue reading

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Illegal Number Plates And The Champagne Socialist

Not only is ‘Man of the People II’ driving a Mercedes Benz, he now has his own personalised number plate! To top it all, it’s an illegal one…You would have thought that someone from the Community Safety Partnership would have … Continue reading

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What Goes Around Comes Around…

Cllr Western looks decidedly fed up on her ‘new’ photo for the Derbyshire County Council website. In contrast, all the Conservative councillors are smiling from ear to ear – hardly surprising really. One lesson that Cllr Western should learn is … Continue reading

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