How Much is J29A Costing Us?

Letter from Gillian Merron MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State) to Dennis Skinner MP for Bolsover. Confirming the funding for Junction 29A. We have a few questions…

8 Jan 2006

Dear Dennis


You will be pleased to know that I have today agreed to move the Markham Vale major local road scheme in your constituency from Conditional Approval (which was granted in April 2006) to Full Approval.

The scheme will be funded through the Local Transport funding process. Following the completion of the tender process by Derbyshire County Council, I have agreed that the Department will provide a total contribution of £14.5m to fund the scheme. Any further cost increase is to be met by Derbyshire County Council.

This scheme is to be implemented under several different contracts. On that basis, Derbyshire will now be able to award a contract to the preferred contractor for Phase 1 of the scheme. They anticipate commencing construction of this Phase at the end of March 2007.

I fully suppport this scheme which will not only improve transport links in the area but is also helping the economic regeneration in North Derbyshire. I look forward to the successful completion of the scheme. Yours sincerely


+++It is important to note that the government’s ‘contribution’ was £14.5m. Further costs ‘to be met by Derbyshire County Council’ So what was the final cost of J29A and how much is it costing Derbyshire council tax payers?+++£14.5m seems rather inexpensive for a motorway junction…

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