Barlborough Bloomers!

Reported in Bolsover Advertiser 24th September 2008

‘Barlborough is blooming marvellous

Green-fingered villagers are celebrating after their flower power earned a top trophy in the East Midlands in Bloom awards. Barlborough was awarded second place in the Silver Gilt Award of the competition thanks to blooming marvellous efforts of community volunteers and fund-raisers. They helped bag the achievement by ensuring gardens and planting areas were well maintained and that the design and layout of perennials gave a warm welcome to visitors.

A real well was used for community watering and innovative willow frameworks were put up to create floral insect displays. Hilary Gilmour, chairman of Barlborough in Bloom gardening club, who collected the award at a ceremony in Nottingham, said ‘This was a real community effort and one that everyone in the village should be proud of. It just shows you that with a minimal amount of money – which was raised by the community – a lot of hard work and TLC, what can be achieved.’

A special Judges’ Award was given to 78 year-old resident Joan Lavin who created and maintained a communal garden at Park View – which is open for everyone to enjoy.’ Pictured are the Members of the Barlborough Community gardening group, including chairman Hilary Gilmour (back right) and secretary Norma Machin (centre, middle row).  In the foreground are Joan Lavin and co-ordinator Vicky Wapplingon. The picture is subject to copyright (reference sp70608), but can be purchased for £5.99 by clicking here.

N.B. This article has been reproduced exactly and the confusion in the text is down to poor reporting, for example:

1. There were no trophy’s involved, just certificates.

2. The award was a ‘Sliver Gilt Award’ and not an award within the Silver Gilt category (which is implied).

3. It infers that a great deal was achieved despited minimal amount of money being raised by the community. In fact, there were a number of fundraising activities which were well supported by the community.

+++Not withstanding the many donations of flowers and the £6k that the Parish Council chipped in+++

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