Dicing With Dangerous Footpath Number 38

Many residents will be familiar with this stretch of footpath number 38, the one that leads from Slayley Green up towards the pelican crossing on Hancock’s Hill. It’s got worse – there is now a two inch gap coupled with a sharp drop which is a challenge for the most able bodied. This footpath is probably one of the most used public rights of way – being a main walking route to school for many. On a daily basis, children end up in a heap as they trip running along this footpath, are thrown from bikes and scooters as they misjudge the impact of the uneven surface. Heaven help those who are unsteady on their feet or have impaired vision…As the nights draw in and footpath number 38 is plunged into darkness, the accidents are set to increase.

Derbyshire County Council is responsible for repairing this footpath. Surely, given the success our County Councillor has had securing funding for road resurfacing in Barlborough, this little stretch of footpath should pose no problem at all…In fact, one partially sighted resident has suggested that Cllr Anne Western should walk this section of footpath 38 with a blindfold on ‘to see how she would get on’ trying to manage the incline, adverse camber, changes in levels and uneven surface, not to mention the two inch gap…

N.B. the crisp packet to the left of the crack gives and indication of scale.

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