Dennis – ‘…Put Public Ownership Of The Utilities Back On The Agenda…’

Our MP Dennis Skinner has been busy this week in the House of Commons, he has taken part in two debates. The prediction of a ‘sweeping victory’ at the next election might be an overstatement. Click on the link below to view the debate in full. Still no mention of Bolsover’s ‘missing millions.’

House of Commons Debates Monday 20th October

Oral Answers to Questions – Work and Pensions- European Council

Dennis Skinner: ‘Is my right hon. Friend aware that in 1945 the then Labour Government had to take some measures? They did not have two ha’pennies to rub together, and they had to borrow money in order to create full employment and the national health service, and in order to take utilities into public ownership. We are already doing some of those things, and my right hon. Friend [referring to Gordon Brown] has already passed the examination paper that has been placed before him. He has convinced right-wing Governments, such as those in France and Germany, and Bush across in America, to carry out the solutions that he has introduced. It is now high time that we put public ownership of the utilities back on the agenda, so that we have a sweeping victory at the next election and then carry that out.’

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