Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe on Politicians…

bill-clinton-by-gerald-scarfe.jpg“All politicians wear a mask – it’s part of the job. Their faces are fixed in a permanent grimace which they imagine is a welcoming and trustworthy smile. They try to wear a mask of reliability – the last thing of which they are capable, as they stumble on, shaking hands and making shaky decisions. When the occasion is grave they wear a mask of concern. It has been said that many politicans have no personality until it is designed by the cartoonists and columnists. They arrange their faces, hairstyles and clothes to match their cartoon image. Politicians are theatrical figures that strut upon the public stage and thrive on publicity. Such is the thick-skinned arrogance of many of them that they find drawings depicting them as nincompoops worth collecting.

Politicians put themselves on pedestals, like to think of themselves as great men and leave us their portraits in oil paint, stone and bronze: images they would like us all to see – the hero, the innovator, the leader of men. In time, when the knives and the memoirs come out, the faces start to crumble.” Gerald Scarfe

Scarfe on Clinton – Cartoon Caption ‘I did not have sex with that woman’

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