‘Welcome To Bolsover District Council’ Signs – Debate Rages On

Letter published in the Derbyshire Times Thursday October 23 2008 pg 13

‘Signs of Times Sir – In response to Puzzled of Pilsley (Mailbox October 2), yes you are missing the plot. The road signs have nothing to do with the parliamentary constituency, they tell you that you are entering the administrative authority of Bolsover District Council (which has different boundaries) just as when you are leaving you will see signs for Chesterfield, Ashfield, North East Derbyshire, Mansfield, Bassetlaw or Amber Valley. I know Pinxton, Tibshelf, Whitwell etc are a few miles from the old town of Bolsover but it is no different to seeing a Chesterfield sign at Staveley or a Rotherham sign just outside Killamarsh. Of course, a lot of money could be saved if councils stopped erecting place name signs and direction signs but there would be some very confused people travelling about. Andy Slack Full address supplied.’ The welcome Bolsover District signs were replaced a couple of years ago when the logo changed – remember from the butterfly to inverse Nike swoosh we have today. The contentious issue is that the signs¬†include the word ‘council’. ‘Welcome to Bolsover District Council’ they should say ‘Welcome to the District of Bolsover ‘- like they did before the logo changed.

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