‘Can You Clarify Exactly Which Side Of The Fence You Are On!’

Emailed in from a resident, received Mon, 27 Oct 2008 00:32:43 -0000

‘Re: The Unprecedented Economic Turmoil Last Week– Can you clarify exactly which side of the fence you are on! (a reply would be appreciated (unless of course you are really not sure where you stand)). I am not sure if you think the pull-out by Cygnet Healthcare is good or bad for Barlborough.
If you do not feel as though you are able the answer this question then please let me know, I will stop bothering you. I do intend to start attending the Parish council meetings, maybe I will see you there?’ Name and contact details supplied.

For the avoidance of doubt, most definitely opposed to the secure psychiatric hospital in Barlborough. The Cygnet/Waystone withdrawal from the planning inquiry was a lucky escape for Barlborough – and probably more to do with the economic downturn than any of the other contributory factors cited. The ‘benefit’ items listed in Chris Plenderleith’s letter demonstrated a significant level of investment (planning gain) from Cygnet. This application was only possible after a change of land use was allowed [by Bolsover District Council] for the NHS Treatment Centre. It set a precedent that Waystone and Cygnet could capitalise on. The whole planning question for Barlborough is an interesting one. When you actually go through all the Bolsover District Council planning meeting minutes (as one resident has done), it is quite evident that very little has been done to represent Barlborough’s interests. More on that later.

As for attending Parish Council meetings – Barlborough needs people who are genuinely interested in the village and the challenges it faces. Many people contribute to this blog and they don’t attend Parish Council meetings – which have been described as ‘arse clenchingly bad’ by those who do attend!

UPDATE: We have just been reminded Cygnet Healthcare was prepared to make £250,000 worth of investment for policing, highway improvements and mental health initiatives as part of this development. When you compare this to the £20,000 that Gladman Developments made as part of the Tesco distribution centre development, (which at the time was the biggest distribution centre in Europe)  there is a massive difference in benefit to the community.

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