Bolsover’s Best Kept Secret – Buttermilk Lane Recycling Centre

Do you know about Derbyshire County Council’s state of the art recycling centre at Buttermilk Lane (just down the road off M1 J29A)? No? – not many people do. The thing is that the residents who have discovered it (on the whole by accident) are absolutely raving about it. It’s clean, you can recycle a whole host of materials and staff there are absolutely fabulous – before you are out of the car they are there unloading it for you. We are at a loss as to why it isn’t being publicised more. A small piece in Bolsover’s In Touch newsletter (Aug 2008) and a press release from Derbyshire County Council is about it. Given that Bolsover District Council’s Audit Commission report highlights that they need to do more to meet recycling targets, you would think it would be high up the agenda. Even more surprisingly, the Leader’s Half Term report published this month doesn’t even mention the recycling centre!

Who proof read the Leader’s Half Term report? Is this the version that has gone to press? Too many mistakes…it must be a draft…

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