STOP PRESS: J29A Tragedy Shuts M1 in North Derbyshire

‘Tragedy shuts M1 in north Derbyshire

Published Date: 29 October 2008
Motorists are facing traffic chaos across north Derbyshire after motorway diversions were put in place when a man was struck by a van and killed. Police have closed the motorway in both directions between junctions 29 and 30 following the incident which happened on the northbound carriageway near to the slip roads at junction 29A at around 12.15pm. The victim – who has not yet been formally identified – was on foot at the time he was in collision with the van.

Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident and do not know how long the motorway will be closed for. Traffic was being brought to a standstill around the Chesterfield area as motorists try to find alternative routes.

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The accident resulted in people being stuck in traffic for over 4 hours.

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