Barlborough First’s Comments On The Original McDonald’s Application

Below are comments submitted to Bolsover District Planning department on the 19 August by Barlborough First in response to McDonald’s original application to vary the conditions of their planning permission. Neither the Labour Party or our Labour District Councillors commented on this application. As you are aware, it has now been resubmitted with a noise impact report. Barlborough First will be commenting on their latest submission.

19 August 2008

Dear Mr Kimberley

Planning Application: To trade between 6am – 11.30pm, seven days a week (Vary condition 9 of planning permission 99/00309/FUL & 99/00310/FUL which limited hours to 0730-2300 daily) (extension of closing time to 11.30pm).

We would like to make the following comments on the above application. While we appreciate that there may be a demand for McDonald’s to open at 6.00am and close at 11.30pm given its close proximity to the M1, we feel that the existing opening times should remain.

1. The current opening times from 7.30am to 11.00pm take into account the proximity to the residential housing. The residents of Chesterfield Road, Brackens Lane and Whitescroft View have a right to a decent environment to live in and the extension of the existing opening times will encourage further traffic early in a morning and late at night (including weekends).

2. The noise and nuisance will increase exponentially when the Kentucky Fried Chicken and take-away unit are in operation. Given that both of these additional units originally applied for a midnight closing time (but were limited to 11.00pm), permitting the variation on Planning Condition 9 will set a precedent for them to apply for this once again. Clearly, the situation will be one where there are 3 units staying open until 11.30pm (possibly midnight). McDonald’s car park is used as a meeting place at night. Consequently, there is a problem with car engines running and music being played loudly which is an ongoing nuisance for the neighbouring properties.  

3. While we would request that this application is refused, it should be at least delayed until the 2 new units are up and running so the effect of the 3 units operating together can be monitored. There are existing problems which need to be addressed first before any further decisions are taken which will exacerbate the current problems. These include heavy goods vehicles using Tally’s End as on overnight lorry park and the ongoing litter problems.

4. Finally, we would like to add that the lorry parking situation needs addressing before the other 2 units open. Currently, lorries are parking up at tea time (for the night) and with the overflow traffic from McDonald’s double parking on Tally’s End it is restricting the access for emergency vehicles.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Bridget Ingle, Cllr Sylvia Linacre, Cllr Steve Riley, Cllr John Shaw

Barlborough First

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