‘Stay Out of Clowne…’ Cllr Jim Smith

jim-smith21On the 4th December (polling day), Karl Reid, the Labour Chairman of Clowne Parish Council was in Barlborough ‘Little’ School (the polling station) at 7.20am. He was instructing candidates standing for election that they were not allowed to wear their rosettes in the polling station – which was the wrong information because they are allowed to wear their rosettes. When challenged and asked if he was an agent for one of the Labour candidates, he said he wasn’t and that he was there to vote. Clearly, Karl Reid had no business whatsoever being in the polling station on that day. If he was there voting, he was breaking the law because he lives in Clowne and is not on the Barlborough electoral register. Another example of the Labour Party doing exactly what they want.

While Barlborough First were out leafletting the night before the election, Cllr Jim Smith (Labour District Councillor for Clowne) yelled at John Shaw (Chair of Barlborough Parish Council) that he should ’stay out of Clowne as it has nowt to do wi you.’ Presumably, Cllr Smith was referring to the planning developments in Clowne which will have a  massive impact on Barlborough and, as it so happens has everything to do with Barlborough. So we won’t be staying out of anything.

Cllr Smith was on High Street waiting for a bus back to Clowne – obviously the environment agenda is the top of his list!

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