Evening of Carols – A Huge Success

lantern-parade1-300x224The evening of carols held in Doreen’s garden tonight was a huge success – once again hundreds of people turned up. We had our first ever  lantern parade organised by Junction Arts. The school choir sang and Creswell brass band led the community carol singing. The refreshments were sponsored by Tesco’s and Wilkinson’s and Santa handed out selection boxes to the children in the ‘Little’ School.

Remember the Labour Party spoiler the night before the election when they said we did things the Labour Party didn’t like? Well, this event is one of ‘the things’ the Labour Party doesn’t  like. We were supposed to have a lantern parade last year, but our Labour District councillors used their clout to get it stopped claiming it ‘was political.’ How can a children’s lantern parade be political?

Needless to say, (as in previous years) there were none of our Labour councillors at the event tonight.

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