Minature Baskets – All the Rage!


On the the 10th June the Labour controlled Parish Council bought 18 hanging baskets for the basket trees on Townswell Green. By the 17th of July (the day before East Midlands in Bloom judging), all the flowers in the baskets were dead as a result of not being watered. So, Dobbies stepped into the breach and supplied 18 ‘minature’ baskets to replace the dead ones, just in time for the East Midlands in Bloom judging on the 18th July. A kind gesture, somewhat marred by the tacky yellow signs tie wrapped to the basket tree posts which read ‘Sponsored by Dobbies.’

If the Parish Council had watered the original baskets, Dobbies generosity could have been utilised elsewhere. They could have also been spared the embarrasment of having their name displayed so shabbily on the basket trees which warrant much bigger floral displays.

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