The Barlborough News Is Back!

Received in the Inbox 16 Dec 15.26

‘To whom it may concern: I’ve just received my Barlborough News and I’m absolutely delighted – it’s like having an old friend back! Where has it been? It even had the church newsletter tucked inside, just like old times:-)  My wife and I used rush to get to it first as it came through the letter box – it’s regular newsletters like this that make us feel part of the community as we both work long hours and don’t really get to find out what has been going on. Anyway, we are glad to see it that it is back!’ Contact details supplied.

Click here to view the winter edition of the Barlborough News.

The Barlborough News did used to be produced 4 times per year until the Parish Council became Labour controlled in May 2007. Barlborough First are committed to keeping residents informed about what is going on the village and therefore will make sure it is produced quarterly – as we did before May 2007. There is no one to produce the newsletter apart from the councillors, so if we don’t do it, it doesn’t happen.

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