“I Confirm That The ‘Lease’ That Has Been Prepared is Wholly Unsatisfactory”

Letter from Ilett& Clark [Solicitors] to Barlborough Parish Council

“12th April 2008

Dear Ms Bullimore

Advice re : Lease

Further to our telephone conversation on 9th April 2008.

As discussed I confirm that the ‘lease’ that has been prepared by the prospective landlord of 1 Ward Lane Barlborough [the Resource Centre] is unfortunately not suitable for the purposes of entering into a commercial tenancy.

I can confirm that the document is in fact wholly unsatisfactory and I would advise that if you are to go ahead with this transaction that the landlord be made to instruct independent solicitors to draft a ‘proper’ commercial lease that goes into some detail about the rights and liabilities that you would have as a tenant including issues such as services.

I appreciate that negotiations are still at a preliminary stage and as such I await to hear back from you, however, for the avoidance of doubt I confirm that the ‘lease’ that has been prepared is wholly unsatisfactory.”

Question: So what did the Labour controlled Parish Council decide to do at the 14th April Parish Council meeting?

Answer: Move the Parish Council office to the Resource Centre on Sunday 20th April [Parish Council Minute 800/2008:2]

Question: Has a new lease been prepared?

Answer: Highly unlikely, they have only just managed to transfer the telephone line. Oh! and Ilett & Clark will have been ditched as the Parish Council’s solicitors for daring to send such a letter!

N.B: Must drop a note to the Trustee Directors of the Resource Centre Charity to flag up the situation. They wouldn’t want to put the Charity at risk by being so negligent as not to have a proper agreement in place with the Parish Council. Mates can fall out!

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