Derbyshire County Council Taking Over Parking Enforcement

GERMANY/13 January 2009

Derbyshire County Council will take over responsibility for parking enforcement on the county’s streets and car parks from Thursday 19 February 2009.  The council is working in partnership with the district and borough councils, and takes on responsibility from the Police. The council has appointed APCOA to patrol the county’s streets and car parks, doing the work previously done by police traffic wardens.

Cabinet member for environmental services, councillor Brian Lucas, said: “We are relieved that we have finally been given the go ahead from the Government to start this important work.  Safe and sensible parking leads to improved safety for drivers and pedestrians across Derbyshire.”

“From 19 February there will be more parking officers out and about than ever before.  So if you park where you should not then it’s highly likely that you’ll get a ticket.

There will be two levels of charges. The top charge, £70, will be given out for the most serious offences such as parking in a designated disabled parking place without a valid badge.  Lesser offences will be £50. Both charges are halved, £35 or £25, if they are paid within 14 days. If a charge is not paid within 28 days then it will be increased to £105 or £75.

Money raised from parking fines will pay for the parking service.  If the service makes more than it costs to run any extra monies raised will be put towards improving the roads. A communications campaign to remind local people to park safely will run throughout February.’

Hooray – hopefully they will sort out the parking problems around the school!

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