Steetley Exhibitions – Packed Out


So, the exhibitions organised by Laing O’ Rourke to publicise the next stage of the Steetley development have been very busy. Lots of people enquiring about job opportunities, the 270 jobs are just what are needed in this current economic climate.

The transport plan is currently with Derbyshire County Council. If you recall, the majority of the traffic is coming through Barlborough once the plant is up and running. Not much provision in the plan to counteract that impact  ‘ a few kerb revisions’ were mentioned.

No doubt the residents of Barlborough will be expecting great things from both our Bolsover District and Derbyshire County councillors. Given that they allegedly  ‘led the fight’ against the secure hospital in Barlborough, we should be expecting a leaflet soon as to how they will be representing our interests  on this one. Anything less, and and residents might start thinking that the secure hospital flurry of activity was just a flash in the pan…smacking of political opportunism…

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