IMPORTANT: Message From The Police

derbyshire_constabulary_logo21RINGMASTER COMMUNITY MESSAGING – Chesterfield – C59/09     CRIME PREVENTION   26/01/09

Derbyshire Police are requesting all householders to be extra vigilant in light of recent burglaries. Doors and windows should be kept locked and security chains used were fitted even if you are outside in the garden, garage or in another part of the house to deter a sneak-in burglar. Lights should be left on when going out, Low energy light bulbs are useful, leave a radio turned on. Fit an outside light, for your safety as well as to put off a burglar. Any visitors should be challenged to produce identification. Please look out for your elderly and vulnerable Neighbours. Some incidents have occurred during daytime hours. Make sure you store any keys in a safe place or in a location which is not on view to passers by.

Report any suspicious activity in the area to Derbyshire Police immediately on 999. Thank you for your support.

Ann Jones,
Chesterfield Division
Community Information Officer

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