Great Idea – A Virtual Neighbourhood Watch!

great-ideas1Received in the Inbox Sun 25/01/2009 20:14

‘Dear Barlborough Life
I would like to thank Barlborough Life for publishing my email last week regarding the burglaries in Barlborough. I have had e mails, telephone calls and personal visits from residents expressing their concern and anger that someone would invade our properties. A number of people had read about the incidents on your site whilst others were unaware of the site (which I have since resolved!).

However a thought crossed my mind that as many residents use their home as a base, work away all day (or week) it would be great if instead of residents pulling the information from the web site or hearing it from others you could circulate the information to residents via email. The benefits of this would be alerts could be emailed to work email addresses and picked up either on computer or hand held blackberry devices which in effect would create a virtual neighbourhood watch. As the holiday season starts soon it would be great for those on holiday to have an alert message so they could contact neighbours etc to be extra vigilant.

I have spoken to a number of residents who like the idea – is this something that could be done and would you allow this on your site? ‘ Name address supplied

Yes, what a great idea. Barlborough Life has  hundreds of readers and creating a ‘virtual neighbourhood’ would increase awareness and improve community safety.

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