Bang Goes Bolsover Fireworks

bolsover-fireworks‘The popular annual Bolsover Fireworks display has seen its last rocket blasted into the air after it has been revealed Bolsover Castle do not want to hold the Council event there anymore. Staged at the historic castle for the past twenty-years, owners English Heritage have informed organisers Bolsover District Council that they wish to withdraw Bolsover Castle as the venue for the fireworks as they want to stage their own events.

Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Councillor Ann Syrett said, “We are obviously bitterly disappointed by this decision. It has been the home of the fireworks since it began twenty-years ago and attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the town and the Castle. We have traditionally staged the event the last Saturday in October so it did not clash with more local community focused events, but English Heritage now want to put on their own events during this period.”

Alternative dates have been discussed but the timing or lack of suitable suppliers was a factor that meant the event could not be staged on a different date. Councillor Syrett added, “Not only will thousands of people be very disappointed but it will have a huge impact and implications upon the town centre. Local businesses have commented that they look forward to the event being staged as it raises the profile of the town and brings in that all important custom.

“The fireworks have built up an exceptional reputation and this has been enhanced by the backdrop of the castle and we would like to thank English Heritage for their hospitality over the years and for everyone who has supported us.”

The Council has also explored a number of alternative venues to stage the event, but none could be found that offered the same level of safety or provide the amazing backdrop that is symbolic with this event.’

Bolsover District Council Press Release:  Date issued: 22nd January 2009

What a terrible shame, it was always a fabulous family event.

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