“Aye, ‘Ere Comes The Shagger!”

simon_hoggart_140x140.jpgFollowing Labour’s disatrous performance in the Glasgow East by-election last week, Allegra Stratton [political writer for The Guardian] estimated how many MPs would be left if the 22.54% from Labour were replicated in a general election. Only twenty MPs would survive the repeat swing. Our own Dennis Skinner would have come in at a very respectable number 12, with Edward O’Hara (Knowsley) in first place and Frank Field (Birkenhead) scraping in at number 20.

It is at times like these we grateful for an MP who lights up the House of Commons with his razor sharp wit and who is able to exact revenge in a most timely fashion…

“Thursday, December 23, 2004
What Goes Around, Comes Around

Simon Hoggart [policitical journalist for The Guardian and the Spectator’s wine writer, pictured], who once dubbed working class wit Dennis Skinner “the beast of leg over” after an amorous endeavor became public, was welcomed back when he entered the press gallery by Skinner – “aye, ‘ere comes the shagger!”

 The background: It had been made public that Simon Hoggart [Sunday, December 19th, 2004] was having an affair with Mrs Kimberely Quinn, who was three timing her husband with the Rt Hon David Blunkett [Home Secretary] at the time.

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