Self Publicity, Self Promotion, Paid For By The Taxpayer

Received in the Inbox – Sun 15/02/2009 18:22

‘Dear Barlborough Life, I was so astounded I just had to send you this montage I have put together of Cllr Alan Charles, Derbyshire County Council member for Eduction. Cllr Charles was pictured 7 times in the latest governors magazine I had passed to me. I’ve only managed to put 6 pictures on here, the 7th was on the reverse of a page and was cut up removing another picture. Cllr Charles was quoted last year as saying that as councillors they got paid half of what they would in the commercial world and that they worked very hard for their money. Cllr Charles currently nets about £25k of taxpayers money – so in the real world he would be expecting double that. My point is that he seems to be spending an awful lot of time on self publicity leading up to the County Council elections in June. Is this what we are paying for? I’m sure many of the projects he is pictured publicising would work equally well without him there…probably letting the people who have done the work take the credit instead. Cllr Charles could then spend more time in the office actually doing some work. He wouldn’t get away with this in the real world would he?   In the current credit crunch I am sure there would be a queue of potential candidates for  a healthy £25k a year…(even though it may be half of what they could expect in the commercial world).alan-charles-montage2

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