Trouble With Apostrophes, Adding Up And Working Out What Month It Is!

Received in the Inbox Sun 22 Feb 13.02

‘Hi, I signed the petition for the Steetley development last week. I also thought the response prepared by Barlborough First was thorough and well written. I would personally like to thank Barlborough First for all the hard work they do keeping us informed about the planning issues.

Then yesterday afternoon, I received the leaflet from the Barlborough Labour Party. Well, what can I say – I’m astounded at how pathetic they are – well, shocked in fact. Do they realise how stupid they look to the person in the street reading that leaflet? We have the prospect of a development just up the road that will have a huge impact on Barlborough, Barlborough First has written an excellent response and is mobilising support locally so we are represented in the planning arena. The Labour Party, rather than doing their bit, put out this nasty little leaflet. How on earth does anyone work with these people? A perplexed Barlborough resident. ‘Name and address supplied.

It didn’t go unnoticed that they are having trouble with apostrophes, adding up and working out what month of the year we are in…

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