Heritage Project Room Opens At Barlborough Again

Worksop Guardian Published Date: 20 February 2009
By Staff Copy
heritage-room‘Barlborough Resource Centre will see a new addition to its Heritage Project facilities, with the opening of a new multi-purpose room next month.
The room is to be used as a meeting and public facility room, though Heritage Room project manager Tony Bak also hopes it can be used to interview older residents to produce a DVD drawing on their memories.

The centre’s Heritage Room has had a successful year so far after opening last May. The collected materials, which date back to the time of the Domesday Book, have helped bring visitors, and Tony, closer to their families.

He said the project had managed to amass a vast amount of local history for Barlborough and the surrounding area. “I think it’s incredible what you find out when you get talking,” he said. “We’ve been quite busy and I hope people will show more interest in the village as a result.”

“We’ve been open a year and I think I’ve achieved quite a bit of what I’ve been set (as project manager).” The realities of tracing family trees hit home for Tony when talking to one of the members of the group, who mentioned the name Ulyett, the name of his great-great-grandfather who had moved to the Barlborough area. More recently, Tony finished a genealogy course five weeks ago, which he now uses to offer cheap rates for those looking for such a service. “I don’t do it for the money, I do it because I enjoy it,” said Tony. “I do as much work at home as I do at the centre.”

Further plans revealed by Tony, as part of work by the Heritage Project, include placing a plaque at Barlborough’s Memorial Arch, built in 1869 by William Hatfield De Rodes to commemorate his wife’s death. The arch features a mosaic inscribed with a play on words of her name, Sophie Felicity De Rodes, in three different languages – Greek, Hebrew and Latin – a fact Tony says many who go through the village are completely unaware of.

Plans for the plaque, to be placed in March, include an inscription bearing the words ‘William Hatfield De Rodes erected this sign in memory of his wife in 1869.’ Other plans include the publication of a collection of ‘Barlborough Tales,’ a take on the Canterbury Tales, detailing some of the more colourful personalities in the area’s history. The publication will be produced completely in-house, and is set to contain more than 30 such ‘tales’.

The first official use of the centre’s new meeting room will be made on Saturday 7th March for a Barlborough in Bloom coffee morning. Tony is hoping the centre’s recent developments will pave the way for more members joining the Heritage Group, and is appealing for older residents to get in touch for interviews.

For more information contact Tony Bak at Barlborough Resource Centre on 01624 810100, or email centre manager Linda Roe at linda@barlboroughrc.ik.com’

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