Fish Rot From The Head Down, As Do Organisations…

In 2005 Cll Malcolm Crane was found guilty of bullying and harrassing a council officer (see article below published on Barlborough Life in August 2008), after a £30,000 investigation. Today, the Derbyshire Times has reported that Cllr Crane has been bullying and intimidating the parish clerk at Scarcliffe Parish Council for two and a half years. Perhaps the Leader of Bolsover District Council will deal out more than ‘a verbal censure’ this time.  He should read John 7:53-8:11 first though…

N.B. Last year Cllr Crane was paid a total of £11, 208.91 out of the public purse in his capacity as a Bolsover District Councillor. AND he is still serving on BDC’s Standards Board – what an absolute joke!!!

Have a read – Fish rot from the head down, as do organisations…

councillor-malcolm-crane.jpgTwo and a half year ‘nightmare’ of clerk
Derbyshire Times Date: 26 March 2009
By Staff Copy
“A TOP councillor has been banned from talking to a council clerk after she accused him of bullying and making her working life a “nightmare.”
Scarcliffe Parish Council upheld clerk Sue Wilton’s claims that she was persistently bullied and threatened by parish councillor, Malcolm Crane, before it imposed the ban.

Mrs Wilton said: “I enjoy working for Scarcliffe Parish Council and the people who live in the area. “I am relieved the nightmare of the last two and a half years is over and I can get on with the job.”

The council agreed that there should be no contact between Cllr Crane and staff, including its clerk, and he has been removed from parish council committees, sub-committees and panels. Cllr Crane, who was parish council chairman until December 2008, is also a Bolsover District councillor and Labour party member and was accused of bullying Mrs Wilton during a two-and-a-half year period, from August 2006.

A parish council spokesman said: “The council is saddened to discover the titular head of this authority has behaved in such a fashion for such a long time.”Mrs Wilton’s UNISON union representative Paul Barry stated it was very rare to find a case where bullying had been so intense over a long period. Speaking to the Derbyshire Times Cllr Crane, who is continuing as a parish councillor, said: “How can they find me guilty when I’ve not been given a chance to give my defence? “There is nothing further I want to say because I’m seeking advice.”

Scarcliffe Parish Council claims to have sought advice from employment advisors ACAS and set up a panel of parish councillors to decide the case last month and stated Cllr Crane had opportunity to appeal.

Bolsover District Council stated it received an allegation against Cllr Crane in connection with parish council business which has been forwarded to the Standards Board for England.”

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How Bullying Is Rewarded At Bolsover District Council

councillor-malcolm-crane.jpg‘A BOLSOVER district councillor has been shamed after an investigation upheld complaints of harassment and bullying against a council officer. 
A Scarcliffe ward councillor, who is also chairman of Scarcliffe Parish Council, harassed and bullied council a worker from 1999 until she left her post in 2001, the report reveals. Mrs Shaw was a live-in warden at Valley View residential care home in Hillstown, which the Councillor would visit around three times a week to meet with tenants or friends who stayed there. Now a £30,000 investigation held by Bolsover District Council’s monitoring officer has upheld the following complaints against the Councillor, lodged in 2003:
-He pestered her with an excessive presence at Valley View, roughly three visits a week.
-He verbally abused her in front of tenants.
-He tried to get her fired by unfairly criticising her to others.
-He undermined her authority by interfering in daily management matters.
-He unfairly and publicly complained about the activities of her partner at Valley View.
The report concludes that the Councillor pestering, belittling and constant criticism of amounted to harassment and bullying at work. It describes him as someone ‘prone to being verbally aggressive when annoyed’ and says unless he is in control of a situation ‘his defence to any difficulty is to attempt to intimidate’. At a full council meeting on Wednesday, leader Coun Eion Watts said the authority must punish Coun Crane as strongly as it could. “We recommend we take the finding of this report very, very seriously and invoke the strongest possible measures available and show the emphasis this council places on probity,” he said.”This action is about sending out the message that not only do we take this seriously, we also act seriously. We need to send out a positive message to both staff and members and the wider community about the integrity of this authority.” (Minutes here) The investigation also revealed that at the time there was a ‘culture of dominance by the councillors’, which made officers reluctant to address the obvious breakdown in the relationship between Mrs Shaw and the Councillor.’

Published 12 June 2005

Question: So how how did Bolsover District Council ‘punish Coun Crane as strongly as it could’?

Answer: Cllr Crane got a ‘verbal censure.’

The Icing on the Cake is….Cllr Crane is currently serving (2008) on Bolsover District Council’s Standards Committee!

++++Our eyes are moist with tears – you couldn’t make this up! Cllr Crane just got a telling off and is now responsible for making decisions on other councillors standards of behaviour – after a £30,000 investigation (at the taxpayers expense) into his own behaviour++++

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