Is It A Caterpillar Art Installation On Slayley View Road?


Received in the Inbox Sun, 29 Mar 2009 20:27:59 +0100

‘Dear Barlborough Life

I would just like to draw readers attention to ‘gardening feature’ emerging on the left hand side of Slayley View Road as you approach the top. The piles of grass sods have been mounting up since last weekend. I have heard that this is a project organised by the gardening club in time for this years East Midlands in Bloom entry. Does anyone know anymore about it? Word on the street is that  it’s going to be a caterpillar and is an extension of the ‘insect project’ from last year where there were various ‘garden art’ installations around the village.’ An intrigued resident.

Don’t know what it is. Looks like fly-tipping to the untrained eye. After all, it’s the verge and that’s Derbyshire County Council’s land. We don’t think Derbyshire County Council are launching a community compost heap – although it could be part of their Green Agenda. Either way, it’s unsightly.

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