Parish Councillor ‘Guilty Of Bullying Clerk’

Parish councillor ‘guilty of bullying clerk’

‘Published Date: 23 March 2009 in the Mansfield Chad
By James Hoy
SCARCLIFFE parish councillor Malc Crane has been banned from talking to the council’s own clerk after her bullying complaint against him was upheld.
Clerk Sue Wilton says she was bullied and threatened ‘persistently’ by the Labour councillor –– who also sits on Bolsover District Council –– throughout a two-and-a-half-year period from August 2006.  Her allegations have been accepted by a panel made up of other parish councillors and in a statement released this week she revealed she was relieved the ‘nightmare’ was over.

“I enjoy working for Scarcliffe Parish Council and the people who live in the area,” she said. “I am relieved that the nightmare of last two-and-a-half years is over and I can get on with job I am employed to do.” Coun Crane, who was chairman of the council until December last year, has been told he cannot contact the clerk and other council staff.

He has also been removed from the membership of all council committees, sub-committees and panels. But Coun Crane says he is now seeking advice on the decision because he was not given a chance to represent himself.

“How can they uphold their findings when they haven’t had the chance to hear both sides of the story?” he said. In 2005, a £30,000 investigation by Bolsover District Council upheld complaints of bullying and harassment against a female council officer by Coun Crane over a two-year period.  A spokesman for Bolsover District Council confirmed the matter had been referred to the Standards Board for England. ‘

That’s another one for Quentin Letts!

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