‘Big Crash At Top Of Hancock’s Hill’

crash-hancocks-hill-24-aprilJust arrived in the Inbox: Fri 24/04/2009 13:04
‘BL, just arriving back home and there is a big crash at the top of Hancocks Hill and the De rodes roundabout. Arctic / lorries involved. Not sure if any hurt! Hancocks Hill is closed and looks like it will be /has been closed for sometime.’

UPDATE FRI 2.30pm: – it was in fact a crane that had broken down at the top of Hancock’s Hill. The real axle had collapsed and it needed a low loader to remove it. So it wasn’t an accident.

Hopefully it will have opened a few peoples’ eyes as to what we have in store traffic wise. HGVs were thundering along Clowne Road for the duration of the road closure…

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