Footpath Number 38 Still Not Repaired

footpath-38This is a picture of footpath number 38. It leads from Slayley Green to the traffic lights on Hancock’s Hill. A well used walking route and one of the main routes to school for children. This footpath was dug up when the pedestrian crossing lights were installed in 2004. It was not replaced properly and over the last 5 years has deteriorated to the point of being incredibly dangerous. Derbyshire County Council are responsible for repairing and maintaining this footpath – which currently has a drop and 2inch gap in it. Their reasons for not doing anything about it so far (despite constant complaints) is 1) it wasn’t theirs – they have now agreed it is, and 2) no money. Finally, it is supposed to have been put in the budget for repair. But it has still not happened.

Surely, our County Councillor’s edict that nothing happens in Barlborough until after the election doesn’t extend to this footpath does it? Unfortunately for the many people who use it, it is on the wrong side of Hancock’s Hill and doesn’t constitute a pothole and they don’t vote Labour!

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