£6,167.49 Spent On What Cllr Western?


The issue of MPs’ expenses is only the tip of the iceberg. Once our MPs’ are finished with, County Councillors and District Councillors will be next. We will start the ball rolling with the incumbent Deputy Leader of Derbyshire County Council, Cllr Anne Western.

In 2008, Cllr Western received £39,503.49. £6,167.49 was for her ‘expenses.’ For comparitive purposes we have included the Leader of Derbyshire County Council’s payments as well – Cllr John Williams. Cllr William’s claimed nothing in expenses for 2008. Given that travel and hotel costs are paid for centrally, what has Cllr Western spent £6,167.49 on, when her boss hasn’t spent a bean?

N.B. Before you vote tomorrow in the local elections, ask Anne Western what she has claimed her expenses for, no doubt it will be very illuminating!

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