Eion Watts On Fly Posting Removal Duties On Polling Day


Dear Barlborough Life, I’m forwarding a copy of an email I sent to Wes Lumley, Chief Executive of Bolsover District Council, regarding the copious amounts of fly-posting around our village. Given that the Barlborough Life readership is in the thousands, I’m hoping that  Bolsover will be shamed into doing something about it. Going through the normal channels doesn’t seem to work. Please feel free to publish my name.

Sent Sat 30/05/2009 17:29

Last week as you will remember I emailed you about the fly posting in and around Barlborough which I had reported and had not been removed as promised. Whilst you delegated this responsibility to Ann Bedford – Head of Customer Service and Performance her reply was not satisfactory (previous email refers) as I have no intention of contacting Derbyshire County Council, BT or anyone else; quite simply it is YOUR responsibility to resolve this problem. On the first photograph (0014) you will notice that since last week’s photograph an additional fly poster has been attached and as I have driven around the village there are more and more fly posters it is simply out of control and you are allowing this to happen.

If you remember a few years ago we started this regular e mail communication when Bolsover District Council could not collect black bin bags that had been deposited around the village. On that occasion you eventually helped and resolved the issue, it now appears time for you to get your hands dirty and tackle black bin bags and fly posting; the photographs are evidence of the disgraceful service Barlborough residents are having to put up with. One last piece of fly posting belongs to Eion Watts as I am led to believe he single-handedly stopped the secure hospital in Barlborough then perhaps Eion Watts would single-handedly remove the banner he erected on Chesterfield Road which is now laying in the hedge – at least you know where he is most of the time if you want to prosecute him!!

I am very concerned at the lack of effort been made by Bolsover to resolve this issue so have blind copied our potential County Council candidates into this email Carol Walker – Conservative and Steve Hartley – LibDem as I have very little faith in Labour controlled councils, perhaps they can arrange for the fly posting to be removed before Thursday’s election.

I hope I don’t have to e mail next weekend.
Robert Gale’

N.B. We noticed that the fly posting hadn’t  been removed before polling day. Perhaps it’s time for a change!

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