Councillors’ Allowances They Tried To Keep Secret

Today, the excellent Taxpayers’ Alliance published data that the Local Government Association tried to keep secret on what our local councillors are paid. See below. Interestingly, but not suprisingly both Bolsover District and Derbyshire County Council have the highest basic allowances for councillors, click on this link to view the graph. Select ‘Derbyshire’ on the Cover page, and then the graphics option along the bottom of the page. While most other councils pay their councillors less than £5k per annum, both Bolsover and Derbyshire are double that amount.

‘Exposed: the Councillors’ Allowances they tried to keep secret

Yesterday, the Local Government Association published the summary findings of their survey of the allowances and salaries paid to councillors across England. The top finding – another above inflation rise – was shocking enough, but more outrageously they refused to publish the full details of what is paid to councillors at each different council. Apparently they decided that the truth was so embarassing that it was best for councillors if they simply kept the information secret. Happily, we have obtained a leaked copy of the full data, which we have published online here. Follow the link and open the spreadsheet to find out the full detail of what the different levels of councillor at your local authority are being paid.’ Taxpayers’ Alliance

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