Village Show Opens New Horizons

polestar-planetarium1Published Date: 24 June 2009 Derbyshire Times
‘Barlborough residents enjoyed an out-of-this-world experience with the Polestar Planetarium show at the village hall. Organised by local Pc Jason Graham and PSCO David Mitchell, in conjunction with the parish council, it proved a soaraway success with a maximum 150 people attending the shows throughout the day.
Inside the inflatable dome planetarium specialist projectors were used to create a 360 degree, hemispherical image of the night sky along with hi-resolution NASA images. Presenter Richard Lake, a qualified teacher and former RAF education and training officer, brought the night sky to life with his commentary, film and music.

Pc Graham said: ”It was an absolutely fantastic event. Without exception, everyone who came out of the show said how much they enjoyed it. We are looking forward to working with the parish council to stage more events like this.” Barlborough Parish Council chairman John Shaw said: ”Jason and David (along with Sgt Katie Billyeald) do a fantastic job in Barlborough and the parish council always welcomes new ideas from the police to build stronger relationships within our community. ”The planetarium has been a resounding success and we will be working in partnership with the police to organise the next event for the people of Barlborough.”

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