Alien Invasion At Primary School

alien-invasionWorksop Guardian Published Date: 26 June 2009
By Jen Foster
‘AN ALIEN spaceship, police officers and forensic teams made a surprising start to the day for pupils of Barlborough Primary School. The school playground was transformed into a major incident investigation as children interviewed those involved as part of a creative writing day. Police sirens wailed as the pupils worked to get to the bottom of what had happened, and whether or not the aliens had abducted the school caretaker. ”We really wanted to get the kids’ imaginations going, and the staff and pupils had a great time,” said Charntelle Cooper, a teaching assistant who helped to organise the event. ”Parents were sent a letter to let them know that there was a special event happening, and the day would be full of surprises.” ”Staff, members of the PTA and school governors were on site very early to get everything set up for when pupils arrived at school in the morning.” ”They were tasked with finding out what happened and we set them writing challenges including thinking about the landing from the aliens’ perspective.”

”At the end of the day each class showcased their work and there was a special round of applause when the caretaker was found safe and well.” ”It was a fantastic day and we are very pleased with how hard everyone worked.”’

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