‘Who Are Barlborough Developments Ltd?’

Received in the Inbox Mon 29/06/2009 19:55

‘Dear Barlborough Life

Following the recent flier received about plans to develop land to the west of Chesterfield Rd by Barlborough Developments Ltd, I’m disappointed because I will be away at the time of the public meeting on the 9th July. Will there be any opportunity for me to see the plans/discuss the proposals other than at that meeting? They always seem to have these planning meetings in the summer when people are on holiday.

Also, who are Barlborough Developments Ltd? Is this Tony Thomas local? A concerned resident.’

Tony Thomas used to work for Waystone Ltd. Ring him and find out if there will be other opportunities to view the plans. The number on the flier is 07968731495. No website, no company email address and just a mobile telephone number…

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