They Know How To Remember A Barlborough Hero

fred-greaves-july-2009Derbyshire Times Letters Published Date: 23 July 2009
They know how to remember a hero
By Submitted Copy
SIR — The ongoing quest for recognisition for Fred Greaves,VC, seems to have gone a little quiet recently. Perhaps our council don’t deem him important enough to remember. It seems a pity as the people of Poelkapelle in Belgium (where Fred won is VC) still regard him as a hero.

We’ve just returned from another trip to the Belgian battlefields of the First World War, and we’ve been touched by the regard the people of Poelkappelle still have for Fred. One young couple in particular, the owners of the Cafe de Zwaan, have been at the forefront of keeping the memory of his heroic deeds very much alive.

They have a memorial plaque to Fred on the cafe wall and proudly tell visitors how much they owe to the British soldier and his comrades. As the photograph shows, they are not afraid to show their appreciation of a great and courageous British soldier.

Sally Mullins,
16 Westmoor Road,
Brimington Common, Chesterfield.’

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