Precedent For Honouring Our Heroes

s-headstone‘Precedent for honouring our heroes

Tribute: William Coffey’s headstone in Spital cemetery
Derbyshire Times Published Date: 29 July 2009
SIR – It was good to see a reminder from Sally Mullins (Mailbox, July 23) of the proposed naming of a road after Fred Greaves, VC. Let us not forget, also, that originally there was a similar reference to William Coffey, VC, a Crimean War veteran who is buried in Spital Cemetery. There is a precedent for this honour in that there are roads in Chesterfield named after two other VC winners: Lord Roberts and Sir Redvers Buller.

I have visited Fred’s daughter, Hazel, on several occasions and have discovered that behind the hero VC winner there was a gentle and modest family man who went on to lead a fulfilled and caring life after his war service. In a recent book, Peter Collier, an American writer, quotes from elsewhere: ” A Nation can be judged in part by how well it honours its heroes’.
How true.

4 Hardwick View Close,
New Houghton.’

All the new roads in Barlborough over the last 15 years and not one named after Barlborough’s Fred Greaves, VC…

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