Clowne Is So Overgrown

anne-western-2009Worksop Guardian Letters page 6 Friday 21st August

‘Clowne is so overgrown

Many people appear to be complaining that not many hedges and verges are being trimmed – not only in Notts, but in the District of Bolsover, where it is appalling. Road signs are covered and paths that people walk frequently are nigh on impassable.

A typical footpath is the one alongside the busy A616 road from Gapstick Lane at Clowne to Markland (Boalers) corner at Creswell. Only two years ago, a large amount of money was spent on re-tarmaccing this path and restoring it to its original width. It was lovely. This path is a very much used path between Creswell and Whitwell to Clowne and Barlborough. In recent weeks, we have noticed more people walking and cycling along the busy road because it is so uncomfortable walking along the path. When the path was relaid, the local nature groups got involved because some glow-worms live in part of the wall towards the grips entrance, so the council put in the whole verge the ‘nature reserve’ signs. A very good excuse not to cut them regular.

If the council do not cut this more than once a year, and that one cut towards the end of the summer, the thousands of pounds spent on it was a total waste of money. This is not the parish responsibility, but the highways department at Matlock. Some of our own councillors have been pursuing the matter.

All the people complaining should do so to the council, as it is their money that is being wasted and they who cannot comfortably walk the path in the summer months. Fed up walker. Clowne.’

That’s one for Anne Western to sort out, the Clowne and Barlborough Derbyshire County Councillor. Perhaps the Chair of Clowne Parish Council Karl Reid could have a word, given that he was Anne Western’s campaign manager for the recent County Council elections – the lines of communication should be quite well established.

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