Is This Sign Inspired By The Mauritanian Flag?

Received in the Inbox: s-a-knockout-aug-2009Sun 23/08/2009 16:25

‘Dear Barlborough Life, who is responsible for those dull signs on the village green and Oxcroft Way advertising ‘It’s a Knockout’?’  They look like they have just been thrown up! Why have they been done in the colours of the Mauritanian flag? Anyway, a contact name and telephone number would have been helpful. Let’s hope the event is more inspiring than the signs would suggest…A bemused resident.’

Perhaps there is hidden symbolism in the sign and you are being far too harsh! In the Mauritanian flag, the colors of green and gold are considered Pan-African colors. Green is also used to symbolise Islam, and the gold for the sands of the Sahara desert. The crescent and star are symbols of Islam, which is the major religion in the nation – we are just missing the crescent for the symbol of Islam on this sign…The organisers may be more forward thinking in their multi-cultural approach than you give them credit for!!!

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