Dennis Jnr In New York For US Open

Dennis Skinner Jnr jetted off to New York on Saturday for a week’s sighseeing while fitting in the US Open.  He points out on Twitter…
‘Did you know that Dennis Skinner MP was a decent tennis player. He taught all 3 of his children to play. Better than Cameron.’

Not sure if Dennis Jnr is saying that Dennis Snr can play tennis better than David Cameron – or that David Cameron hasn’t taught his children to play tennis. If the latter, then there is still time. Sadly, 7 year old Ivan passed away earlier this year, Nancy is 5 years old and Arthur is 3 years old. Interestingly, although David and Samantha Cameron have a combined wealth of £30m, Nancy attends a state school.

Dennis Jnr pseudo socialist would do well to refer to his mother in law on Twitter as such , rather than ‘Baroness Billingham.’ 

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